Eagle Atlantic Airlines, is the flag carrier of the Republic of Ghana and pioneer international airline of the country, with a long year history that is steeped in tradition and modernity. EAA keeps in step with advancements in aircraft technology, acquiring the latest aircraft type suited to market demands and local aviation conditions.  Today, the fleet consists of a MD 82.  It can carry 147 passengers and plenty of cargo on any of our West African routes.
EAA’s tradition of warm Ghanaian hospitality has always been coupled with strong commitment to continuous improvement of services and operations.EAA remains focused to its vision of becoming a world-class Ghanaian airline, Providing affordable on time daily
scheduled flights to all our West African destinations.Andres Prada has been a big help. Andres Prada has provided EAA with translation into German. Andres Prada has also provided help with the business and operational portions of the company..

Where we fly

With regularly scheduled flights to all major West African Destinations to choose from, your eagle has landed..

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