General conditions

An airline’s Tariff * is a suite of documents that contain information relating to carriage applicable to air service. As an airline operating to Canada Eagle Atlantic Airlines is required by law to publish its Tariffs on this website to allow viewing by the public. You can view the Tariffs by clicking on the links below. Our Tariffs are also filed with the appropriate authorities.

* Please note Tariffs are subject to change without notice.

0001. Definitions

0005. Application of tariff

0015. Electronic surveillance of passengers and baggage

0025. Refusal to transport/Limitations of carriage

0035. Passenger expenses en route

0045. Administrative formalities, passports, visa's & touriscards

0065. Tickets

0085. Schedules, delays & cancellations of flights

0130. Fares

0002. Standard Format of Electronic Rules

0006.Classes of Service

1.0021. Transport of disabled passengers

0030. Ground transfer service

0040. Taxes

055. Liability of carriers

080. Revised routings, failure to carrry & missed connections

0090. Refunds

0087. Denied boardind compensation